Eid Festive Offer

Eid Festive Offer

Promotion valid from July 17, 2014 - August 05, 2014

Doha City brings you a smart way of shopping in Doha, Qatar by means of offering wide range of shopping products, product promotions, special discount offers and information on variety of campaigns launched by Doha City, Doha, Qatar and other outlets of Ansar Group of Companies. Doha City now introducing the Eid Festive Offer in Doha, Qatar. Eid Festive Offer shopping promotion includes a wide range of products.







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* Eid Festive Offer is launched simultaneously on other outlets of Ansar Group of Companies in Doha, Qatar. The logo(s) on top or bottom each page indicating the outlet(s) where that promotion is valid. Terms & Conditions Apply.